Общались в рабочем чате с лондонским коллегой, индусом, и как-то плавно разговор перешел на школы.
Оказалось, что в Индии в городах многие дети идут в школу в 2-3 года!! У них страшная конкуренция, каждый старается стать первым и лучшим во всем.

Ketan - это тот индус, но он уже несколько лет (точно не знаю, не меньше 7) живет в Лондоне.
Marina - я
Tanya - моя коллега из Киева

Ketan In India children go to school by 2 or 3 :)
Ketan and their book bag is heavier than their own weight :)
Tanya wow! at 2?
Marina do they learn to read and write and count at 2-3?
Marina or this is like a kindergarten?
Ketan they do lot more than that
Marina fantastic!
Ketan there is heavy competition for everyone to come first in everything
Ketan study, sports, extra curricular etc.
Ketan no one cares about the kid
Ketan they just want them to be the best
Marina is this about all kids or just several?
Ketan almost all of them living in urban areas
Ketan life is easy for rural kids
Tanya well... I have even no word to say... as 2 seems to be really small for school
Ketan they are generally poor and no competition, least ambitious
Ketan you need to go there to see how much effort they put in
Ketan if you watch Indian talent shows you will see kids doing unbelievable acts
Ketan Many face interview to get admission to schools at about 3 or 4
Ketan Richer people get away with the interview by paying huge money towards the development of the school
Marina and what's about your daughter? at what age she went to school?
Ketan she was here all the way
Ketan she started nursery at 5 and year 1 at 6
Ketan one my friends left UK couple of years back
Ketan he had to teach her 6 yr old daughter entire Indian curriculum to pass the interview
Ketan Some schools also interview parents :)
Ketan and if both parents are not well educated then tough for the kid to get a place
Ketan because he will not get enough guidance at home and the kid won't perform well in the school

Ужас какой!